The 7 Laws of Raising
Financially Independent Kids

With a difficult economy, corporate downsizing
and future uncertainty, a huge proportion of baby
boomers~many of whom are parents and
grandparents~worry about their children's future.
Will their children be self-sufficient,
self-fulfilled,and able to discover their dreams?

The 7 Laws of Raising Financially Independent
shows parents and grandparents the most
effective methods to teach, inspire and coach their
children into the true financial competence that
will enable them to create the exciting, enchanted
life of their dreams.
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“In my practice and in my colleagues’ practices, we've seen many parents become
exasperated because every time they turn around, their adult son or daughter is in
another financial crisis and needs their help. The parents are filled with feelings of
frustration and resentment; they may even be emotionally exhausted. They throw
their hands up in surrender at their children’s apparent inability to make their own
way in the world. These parents may even teeter on the edge of losing their own
standard of living.”   
                             Author~  Kasey J. Claytor

Kasey has written this book to help parents ‘failure proof’ their children. With knowledge,
insight and clarity, she moves with you through the childhood and young adulthood of your
children, capturing the essence of what the child needs at each stage to develop into a
fulfilling, independent, financially aware adult, whose beliefs, purpose and desires all
blend to create the life of their dreams.
  •  Money flows in and out of our lives and most people don’t really understand how it    
    works—they just know they want more of it!
  • Your children are born with natural passions and gifts, and within these are the
    seeds of self-empowerment.
  • You are invaluable in guiding your children toward their own self-discovery.
  • You can give your children the best foundation so that they are self-actualized,  
    independent, and self-sufficient when they do grow up.
  • You will learn how important skills such as problem solving are, and the importance
    of retaining a good imagination.
  • How to foster creativity and fortitude and why that is so essential to success
  •  How you can help your children build self-confidence and self-awareness.
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104 pages
© copyright 2008 Kasey J. Claytor.
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